Live music & COVID-19 in France

The good health of our artists, audiences and partners are what matter the most to us. Our second top priority is keeping live music alive and maintain the opportunity we’re giving to international bands to play french venues and festivals. Learn more about the sanitary situation in France and how it might impact you here.

If you need any further information regarding the live music situation in France, we’re all ears : contact(at)

What about my return journey to the UK ?

If you’re returning to Northern Ireland, Wales or England from France, you will need to observe a 10-days self-isolation in the place you’re staying. You must also get 2 coronavirus tests after you arrive in England. You’ll need to book these before you travel.  Check more on this here from the UK government guidelines.
If you’re returning to Scotland from France, you must provid a neative PCR test done 3 days before you travel. You must also book and pay for managed isolation in a quarantine hotel for at least 10 days from arrival. You must be tested on day 2 and day 8 of your 10-days isolation.

Is traveling to France subject to any restrictions ?

Yes. All arrivals in France from countries outside the European Area (including the United Kingdom) and all departures from France to those countries is prohibited, except for compelling reasons, as from Sunday 31 January 2021. People arriving by air and sea routes will need to show a valid PCR test.

You can get tested at Paris-CDG or Paris-Orly up to 72 hrs before your flight. You will need to present your flight ticket and the Doctolib booking confirmation to reach the terminal. Passengers who want to do their test at the airport screening center must take an appointment online. To arrange the appointment, you will have to justify your travel with your flight ticket. The PCR test results done at the airport are sent to passengers (in french and english) by dematerialised way, by text message or email. They also can be consulted on Cerballiance’s website within 48 hrs maximum.
Available only in Paris-Orly airport center, rapid PCR test slots are gradually available and remain limited in number. These rapid tests are only offered to passengers with a flight ticket for a same-day flight departing from Paris-Orly and only for passengers who have made an appointment beforehand. They allow rapid results to be obtained within 90 minutes.

Travellers entering France from the UK must isolate for a period of 7 days. They must then take a second PCR COVID-19 test which returns negative.

Please note France is currently under curfew from 6pm to 6 am everyday.

Are artists allowed to play live music in France ?

Not yet. Although most of 2020 festivals and concerts have been postponed to 2021, live venues aren’t reopened just yet. As of february 2021, there is no inflexion in sight for live music venues — altough the french government announced social-distanced and sitted music festivals under 5000 attendees capacity should be able to return for the summer.

What are the restrictions applicable in live music venues?

As of february 2021, live music didn’t resume. However, here are the previous rules we could expect to return soon :
• Shows and concerts over 5,000 people are not allowed
Face masks are mandatory inside and outside the venue
The audience has to be sit : standing up and dancing is not allowed (yes we know……..)
•  To avoid gatherings, some venues might close their bars and drinking stands, as well as avoid intermissions.

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